Who revealed on “The Graham Norton Show” that he shaved his head for a new role?

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Tom Hanks said the new hairdo is for his role as Elvis Presley’s manager Colonel Tom Parker in Baz Luhrmann's upcoming biopic about the King.

Barry Gibb teamed up with which singer to remake the Bee Gees’ classic “Words”?

Jack Kay/Daily Express/Getty Images
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Gibb’s collaboration with Dolly Parton will be a part of his upcoming album “Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Vol. 1,” released January 8.

The IRS said executors undervalued which late celebrity’s estate by half?

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The IRS says Prince’s estate is worth around $80 million more than the valuation submitted by Comerica Bank & Trust, meaning his estate owes another $32.4 million in taxes.

To reduce space junk, scientists in Japan plan to launch satellites made from what?

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Wood The Japanese company Sumitomo Forestry and Kyoto University plan to release the first wood-based satellites into space by 2023.

Which county in the U.S. has the highest risk of natural disasters, according to an index compiled by the Federal Emergency Management Agency?

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LA County has the highest risk in FEMA’s new National Risk Index, which tracks the chance of events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods.

Which city came first on Priceline’s Top 10 Destinations for the first quarter of 2021?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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Las Vegas was number one for Priceline hotel bookings for travel between January and April.

Which university fired its football team’s head coach after four seasons?

Michael Browning/Unsplash
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The University of Texas fired Tom Herman after the team ended the season with a 7-3 record, replacing him with Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian.

Mexico City has banned what item?

Carlos Aranda/Unsplash
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The ban on single-use plastics includes containers, forks, straws, disposable cups, stirrers and balloons.

In 2020, St. Louis recorded its highest rate of what in the past 50 years?

Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images
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Police said 262 people were murdered in St. Louis last year.

Which company is sending 1,000 paintings to its customers each week?

Fallon Michael/Unsplash
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There’s no way to buy a pet painting directly from Chewy but the company says it sends them to people who have pet photos on their Chewy account.

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