What new Oreo flavor just hit the shelves?

Brad Switzer/Unsplash
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“Brownie & Cookies” is the 65th new flavor launched by Oreo since 2012.

Which singer is releasing a book containing hundreds of photos?

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Billie Eilish handpicked the photos in the book from family albums and archives.

Which TV show just celebrated the 50th anniversary of its premiere?

Stephen Monterroso/Unsplash
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"All in the Family" premiered Jan. 12, 1971, with its unique takes on cultural issues.

A mass snowball fight broke out in which city?

Helena Lopes/Unsplash
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The battle took place on a Madrid street after heavy snowfall brought the city to a standstill.

Which musical will not return to Broadway when theaters reopen after Covid-19?

Vlad Alexandru Popa/Pexels
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The "Mean Girls" musical is ending its run, but a film adaptation is now slated.

What was sent back from the International Space Station after years in space?

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A dozen bottles of Bordeaux were part of an experiment to age wine in space.

Video-sharing site Rumble is suing which company over its search algorithms?

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Rumble says Google is violating antitrust laws by deliberately driving traffic from YouTube's competitors.

Which NFL team most recently fired their head coach?

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The Eagles fired Doug Pederson, who in 2017 led the team to its first ever Super Bowl title.

Which shoe brand is considering listing on the London Stock Exchange?

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The maker of Dr. Martens boots said current investors plan to float at least 25% of their stake.

A Ugandan official accused which social media platform of interfering in their elections?

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Facebook was slammed after the removal of accounts linked to President Yoweri Museveni.

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