Which social media platform will sponsor the European Championship in soccer?

Tracy Le Blanc/Pexels
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TikTok has become the fourth Chinese sponsor of the tournament.

Who won a privacy lawsuit against a British tabloid?

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Meghan Markle said the tabloid invaded her privacy when it published pieces of a letter she wrote to her estranged father.

Who said he does not “believe in stimulus checks” while on Fox News?

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
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Author and businessman Dave Ramsey said “$600 or $1400 changes your life, you were pretty much screwed already.”

A city in which state plans to give “hero pay” for essential workers like farmers?

Anaya Katlego/Unsplash
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The order in Coachella, California, requires some farms to give $4 more per hour to employees for at least 120 days.

Which company has launched wedding merchandise?

Shardayyy Photography/Unsplash
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The Dunkin’ Donuts wedding items include a satin robe, tumblers, a ring bearer pillow and even a veil.

Which university is dropping its mascot?

Sean Rayford/Getty Images
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Valparaiso University is searching for a new sports mascot after dropping the Crusader, which it said promoted "aggressive religious oppression and violence.”

What was found on an Indiana highway?

Meriç Dağlı/Unsplash
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A herd of around 75 calves made their way onto the road after escaping a nearby farm.

Which city launched its first tourist marketing campaign since the pandemic?

Levi Jones/Unsplash
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Orlando launched a $2.2 million advertising campaign targeted at spring and summer travel.

Which company’s CEO said its holiday candy will be more expensive this year?

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It’s the first time in seven years that Hershey’s holiday candy will go up in price.

China has banned which broadcasts from which news outlet?

ThisisEngineering RAEng/Unsplash
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China’s government criticized BBC World News reports on the coronavirus pandemic, as well as allegations of forced labor and sexual abuse in the country.

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