Which country’s most volatile volcano erupted, sending smoke and ash a half-mile into the sky?

Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images
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Indonesia’s Mount Merapi spewed lava and hot gases on the heavily populated island of Java, forcing evacuations but causing no loss of life.

The White House wants Congress to spend money studying whether to collect a new tax every time an American does what?

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A "user fee" for roads, charged by the mile, would break President Biden's pledge to not raise taxes on people who earn less than $400,000.

Which performer will headline a kickoff concert broadcast before the first NFL game of the 2021 season?

Adrian Curiel/Unsplash
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The September 9 concert features singer Ed Sheeran and will appear on pre-game programs on NBC and the NFL Network.

Which social media platform has a new feature allowing users to request prayers?

Chris Liverani/Unsplash
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Facebook Groups members can tap an “I prayed” button, respond with a “like” or other reaction or leave a comment, and Facebook says prayer data can't be used to target users with ads.

The University of Wisconsin removed a 42-ton boulder from campus because its history involved what?

Corey Coyle/Wikimedia Commons
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The boulder was for decades in the 20th century commonly referred to by a nickname for large rocks that included a racial slur, according to students.

The European Space Agency sent two spaceships on fly-by missions to which planet?

Stephane Corvaja/ESA via Getty Images
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The European Space Agency said the flybys will help the spacecraft in getting closer to the sun and allowing for views of the sun’s poles.

What annual event has been canceled for a second year in a row because of COVID-19?

Mick Haupt/Unsplash
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The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival started in 1970 and typically draws more than 300,000 people.

In which Olympic team sport did both U.S. men and women win gold medals?

Yuichi Yamazaki/Getty Images
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The U.S. men’s and women’s basketball team will return from Tokyo as champs.

The co-founder of which 1970s band has died?

Vishnu R. Nair/Unsplash
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Dennis “Dee Tee” Thomas, who was apart of the soul-funk band Kool & the Gang, died peacefully in his sleep at age 70.

A federal judge granted a cruise line's request to block what state's ban on “vaccine passport” requirements?

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
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Norwegian Cruise Line wanted to be able to block passengers without written proof of COVID-19 vaccination from boarding ships. Florida has a law barring that but a federal judge overruled it.

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