U.S. Senators introduced a bill that would hold who accountable for the spread of health misinformation?

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“For far too long, online platforms have not done enough to protect the health of Americans,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar said of social media firms.

The owners of the Cleveland Indians announced their team will have what new name?

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The move is an attempt to rid the team of its cartoonish “Chief Wahoo” mascot. “Guardians” refers to the iconic “Guardians of Traffic” near the ballpark on the Hope Memorial Bridge.

Which animal caught COVID-19 at the San Diego Zoo?

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Two separate tests of the unvaccinated snow leopards’ droppings confirmed the presence of the coronavirus.

Which country does Mexico’s president believe should be declared a World Heritage Site?

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Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called Cuba, the communist island, an “example of resistance.”

Which media company hired anchor Maria Taylor after her split with ESPN?

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Maria Taylor transitioned over to NBC Sports. She left ESPN after audio surfaced of a rival anchor saying Taylor got her job because of diversity initiatives.

Which TV celebrity ended her syndicated show after a long run on the air?

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“The Judge Judy Show,” featuring Judy Sheindlin, premiered in 1996.

Which fast food company apologized on its website because its restaurants are facing food shortages?

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Taco Bell warned that some customers' favorite items might not be available because of “national ingredient shortages and delivery delays.”

Which candy brand is releasing a limited edition “Zero-G” pack to celebrate its flight with Jeff Bezos into space?

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The Skittles Zero-G pack has pineapple, passionfruit, raspberry and berry punch flavors, but just two colors.

China’s antitrust regulator has asked which tech conglomerate to give up its exclusive music licensing rights?

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China also fined Tencent for anti-competitive behavior, as part of the country’s plans to crack down on Internet giants at home.

Thousands of people in Sydney, Australia joined street demonstrations to protest what?

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A sea of people protested Australia’s COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, with some carrying signs calling for “freedom” and “the truth.”

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