President Donald Trump fired which member of his Cabinet this week?

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National Counterterrorism Center Director Christopher Miller got the top Pentagon job, announced in a tweet.

The newly crowned Miss Teen USA 2020 hails from which U.S. state or territory?

Mariana Yarritu, Unsplash
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The pageant, in its 38th year, crowned a Hawaiian for the second time. Ki'ilani Arruda is a college freshman who wants to be a dermatologist.

Conspiracy theorists unleashed speculation that Kamala Harris will soon occupy the White House after which digital voice assistant began referring to her as the president?

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“How old is the president?” some iPhone owners asked. The answer: “Kamala Harris was born 56 years ago.” Apple appeared to fix the glitch.

Which University’s basketball team occupies the number-one slot in the Associated Press preseason poll?

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Gonzaga edged out Baylor and Villanova for the top spot.

Which Eastern European country’s president recently tested positive for Covid-19?

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Zelenskiy, a comic actor before he ran for president, said he will work in isolation while doctors treat him.

The former general manager of which MLB baseball team sued his onetime employer for breach of contract?

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Jeff Luhnow claims team owner Jim Crane conspired with MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to blame him for the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal.

Which U.S. governor ordered a statewide mask mandate after ignoring calls all year for the requirement?

Vera Davidova, Unsplash
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Twenty-seven of Utah’s 29 counties are reporting moderate to high volumes of new Covid-19 cases.

McDonald’s unveiled what new menu item this month?

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The McPlant is a meatless burger that the chain will test-market next year in some metro areas.

A former CEO of which tech company appears to have purchased a second citizenship in Cyprus?

Sean Gallup/Getty Images
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Schmidt took advantage of the island nation’s “golden passport” program for himself, his wife and their daughter. Cyprus ended the program in October.

Which of the following items is not on Oprah Winfrey’s annual holiday list of her “favorite things”?

Ian West. WPA Pool/Getty Images
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Winfrey’s gift-giving guide for 2020 includes only items available at Amazon.

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