Why is Taco Bell giving away free tacos today?

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The moon entered a new lunar phase on May 4, with Taco Bell saying it now looks like a taco.

Doritos is feuding with which brand over who has the hottest chip?

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Doritos and Cheetos are letting fans vote for the hottest chip on Instagram and Twitter. Both are owned by Frito-Lay.

Which horse won the Kentucky Derby?

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Medina Spirit and trainer Bob Baffert defied 12-1 odds to win the derby.

What just reopened after being closed for 412 days due to the pandemic?

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With 25 percent capacity, Disneyland has started to welcome back guests to the park.

Which rapper and his mom launched a new mental wellness video series?

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Big Sean and his mom are launching a weekly video series under the banner of the Sean Anderson Foundation

A new “Call of Duty” add-on promises to send the proceeds to help who?

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The new Battle Doc Pack costs $9.99, with the proceeds going to help military veterans.

Which singer earned the most nominations at this year's Billboard Awards?

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The Weeknd earned 16 nominations, including top male artist.

The E.U. accused Apple of an antitrust breach after the makers of which app filed a complaint?

Medhat Dawoud/Unsplash
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Apple was accused by Spotify of distorting competition by imposing unfair rules for rivals in its App Store.

Two people were arrested after trespassing near whose home?

Bill Oxford/Unsplash
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The trespassers went near the home of Queen Elizabeth’s son, Prince Andrew.

Fans of which team stormed the field, forcing the game to be cancelled?

Phillip Goldsberry/Unsplash
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United fans, who were protesting the team’s owners, caused a game against Liverpool to be postponed.

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