Who will host the 2021 Grammy Awards?

Jorik Kleen/Unsplash
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"The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah will host the awards for the first time on Sunday.

Which university “mutually agreed” to part ways with its head football coach?

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Les Miles will no longer be the coach of The University of Kansas after reports arose about his behavior with female students when he was at Louisiana State University.

Who received a multi-year deal with AppleTV+ to develop dramas, documentaries, comedies, animation and other series for kids?

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Malala Yousafzai, the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, is taking her love of television and film to Apple TV+.

The new Hershey Kisses are inspired by what flavor of ice cream?

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The Strawberry Ice Cream Cone kisses have hints of strawberries and cream with crunchy strawberry cookie bits inside (to represent a cone).

Which female rapper is the first to have a diamond certified song?

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Cardi B’s breakout hit “Bodak Yellow” has sold over 10 million copies.

Which 1970s TV show is getting a reboot on The CW Network?

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The reboot of “Kung Fu” has reportedly been in the works since 2017.

The replacement for Urban Meyers on Fox’s college football show “Big Noon Kickoff” is which university’s former head coach?

Executive Office of the Presiden/Wikimedia Commons
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Former University of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops, who retired in 2017, will take Meyers’ place.

Which fast food restaurant received backlash after its U.K. offices posted on Twitter: “Women belong in the kitchen”?

Brett Jordan/Unsplash
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The Burger King U.K. tweet, which was sent out on International Women's Day, was intended to point out the lack of female chefs in the restaurant business.

Which fashion company sued two bloggers who reposted anti-Asian comments attributed to one of its designers, which led to a boycott by Asian consumers?

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Dolce & Gabbana filed a defamation suit in an Italian court seeking over $600 million in damages.

Which museum received the vial that contained the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine administered in the U.S.?

Hakan Nural/Unsplash
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The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History is documenting the global pandemic.

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