Floyd Mayweather will fight someone who does what for a living?

Rcelis/Wikimedia Commons
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Mayweather will square off against YouTuber Logan Paul on May 6.

China’s first Mars rover was named after a what?

Anthony Kwan/Getty Images
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China’s rover will be named after the fire god Zhurong.

The newest Goldfish Crackers are a crossover with which other brand?

Evan-Amos/Wikimedia Commons
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Pepperidge Farm teamed up with Frank's RedHot to create Goldfish Frank's RedHot crackers.

The sale of a rookie card for which NBA player tied the highest price ever paid for a sports collectible card?

JC Gellidon/Wikimedia Commons
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A LeBron James autographed rookie card sold for $5.2 million.

Which car company bought Lyft’s self-driving unit?

Thought Catalog/Unsplash
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Toyota bought the self-driving division for $550 million.

Which service introduced daily music charts for more than 100 cities?

C D-X/Unsplash
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Apple Music’s daily music charts show the Top 25 songs streamed in each city.

An impersonator of which athlete was sentenced for drug dealing?

Hédi Benyounes/Unsplash
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A Conor McGregor doppelgänger got in trouble while impersonating the martial artist.

Crocs now have adult clogs based on which Disney character?

Mihály Köles/Unsplash
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The Lightning McQueen Crocs sold out within an hour of their release.

Which feature was introduced in Apple’s iOS 14.5 software update?

Charles Deluvio/Unsplash
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Apple iPhone users can now choose between four different Siri voices.

The Supreme Court declined to hear brain damage cases from athletes in which league?

Fé Ngô/Unsplash
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The Supreme Court will not hear appeals from former pro wrestlers, who were suing the World Wrestling Entertainment for failing to protect them from repeated head injuries.

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