Which social media platform’s CEO sold the digital version of his first-ever post for $2.9 million?

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet read “just setting up my twttr.”

Dunkin’ is releasing a line of bottled iced coffees that taste like what?

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The Girl Scout Cookies coffee lineup includes Thin Mints, S’mores and Samoas flavors.

Where did a Tennessee man find a $1 million lottery ticket after he lost it?

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The missing $1 million winning lottery ticket was found in a parking lot, right where he dropped it.

Which performer will compete at WrestleMania 2021?

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Bad Bunny will square off against The Miz.

A prospect for which pro sports team was arrested after police found 21 pounds of meth and 1.2 pounds of oxycodone in his equipment bag?

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Jesus Camargo-Corrales, 25, signed a minor league contract with the Chicago Cubs in 2014.

Which celebrity donated $50K to families of victims of the Atlanta-area spa shootings?

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Comedian Ken Jeong donated $10,000 to each of the five families that lost loved ones.

Which 1970s band is planning a “Ultimate Greatest Hits” comeback tour in 2022?

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10cc will play hits like ‘I’m Not In Love,’ ‘Rubber Bullets’ and ‘Dreadlock Holiday.’

Which retail chain announced it will open new locations before the end of 2021?

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Toys“R”Us will open flagships, pop-ups, airport shops and mini-stores within other retailers.

About 20,000 heavy-duty diesel Ram trucks are being recalled because of what?

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Fiat Chrysler said the 2021 trucks have heater electrical relays that can short, overheat and cause fires, even when the engine is off.

Which country reversed its previous announcement of a five-day Easter week lockdown to slow the spread of Covid-19?

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel dropped her plans and called the idea a mistake.

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