Which billionaire is getting a divorce?

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates announced in identical tweets that they are ending their marriage of 27 years.

A new PBS Kids TV is based on which old show?

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“Donkey Hodie” follows characters inspired from the “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” TV show.

Who said the creator of the NBA’s play-in tournament “needs to be fired”?

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LeBron James is not a fan of the NBA's new play-in tournament, which allows teams who place 7 through 10 in their conferences to compete for final playoff spots.

Which actor will be one of the four influential Met Gala 2021 co-chairs?

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Besides Timothée Chalamet, other co-chairs include singer Billie Eilish, poet Amanda Gorman, and professional tennis player Naomi Osaka.

Out of 51 applications to run for president, how many did Syria’s top court accept?

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The Supreme Constitutional Court accepted three applications for this month’s elections.

What is the flavor of the new potato chips released by Lay’s?

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“Doritos Cool Ranch”-flavored Lay’s potato chips are apparently now a thing.

Which grocery chain is testing home delivery with drones in Ohio?

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Kroger’s begins this week in a store near Cincinnati and Dayton.

Where will be the exclusive home of the NFL’s “Thursday Night Football” from 2022?

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Amazon Prime Video takes over the show from 2022. It will span over 11 seasons until 2032.

Which country removed Johnson & Johnson from its vaccination program?

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Denmark removed the single-dose Johnson & Johnson shot from its vaccination program to investigate widely repoed claims the vaccine can cause blood clots.

Which game company has a new partnership with chat service Discord?

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Sony Interactive Entertainment, the creator of the PlayStation, has made a minority investment into Discord, a popular online video-game-oriented chat service.

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