Which performer will headline the halftime show during the 2021 Super Bowl?

John Moore, Getty Images
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The Canadian pop star with five no. 1 hits under his belt will wow NFL fans everywhere in Tampa, Florida.

Five American peacekeepers were killed in a helicopter crash in what country?

Daniel Klein, Unsplash
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A sixth American survived and was airlifted from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula to an Israeli hospital. A French peacekeeper and a Czech national also perished in the crash.

What crucial White House role has Joe Biden chosen for former Obama administration Ebola czar Ron Klain?

Alex Wong, Getty Images
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Klain was also chief of staff to Biden when he was vice president.

A rare diamond of what color was sold for more than $26.6 million at an auction in Geneva?

Peter Macdiarmid, Getty Images
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An anonymous buyer won the bidding for the 14.83-carat pink Russian gemstone.

Which U.S. state’s governor publicly suggested nurses who test positive for Covid-19 should keep working?

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
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Burgum said leaving infected healthcare workers on the job would ease stress on hospitals. His state leads the nation in new daily Covid-19 cases, with 1 in 83 people testing positive.

Scientists have discovered a new species of what kind of animal in the Asian nation of Myanmar?

Sébastien Goldberg, Unsplash
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Barely 200 of the primates are thought to remain in their habitat, on an extinct volcano called Mt. Popa. The new species is named “Popa langur.”

A sculpture in which European city is gaining global attention after a botched restoration?

Antonio Capel Artista, Facebook
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An artist mocked the now-viral repair job on Facebook, where it quickly went viral. Critics say the statue’s face looks like a potato.

What famous residence can you now rent on Airbnb?

(stock) Daniel Barnes, Unsplash
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You can sleep in the Malibu mansion for $6,000 per night—but roses are not included.

A Japanese town has started protecting its citizens from wandering bears by installing what technology?

@mana5280, Unsplash
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The futuristic monster wolves are covered in fake fur to make them look real to animals. They flash red lights in their eyes and screech at bears.

A restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky is offering free food to diners who offer what as a trade-in?

Denis Agati, Unsplash
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The chicken joint’s co-owners, both Joe Biden supporters, are giving away entrées, sides and drinks. They haven’t said what they will do with a mountain of presidential souvenirs.

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