Which tech company was fined $592 million in a dispute with French publishers?

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France’s competition regulator fined Google for failing to negotiate in good faith with French publishers in a dispute over payments for their news.

Which fast food restaurant is adding chicken nuggets to its menu?

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Popeyes’ new chicken nuggets involve the same recipe as their popular chicken sandwich that went mega-viral back in 2019.

After losing two exhibition games in a row, the US men’s basketball team defeated which country’s team?

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Team USA beat Argentina 108-80.

Apple gave $1 billion in funding for housing projects across which U.S. state?

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Apple is trying to combat California's enormous housing crisis.

The popular video game, Fortnite, is teaming up with which athlete to release new downloadable content that players can use?

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The new downloadable content featuring NBA star LeBron James "blends the best of LeBron's on-court and pregame persona.”

What are officials in Hawaii giving away in an effort to preserve a national park?

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Hawaiian officials will hold a lottery to distribute over 700 goats in an attempt to give away the invasive species that have overrun the National Historical Park.

Which department store is offering teachers and school staff a 20% discount for the first time?

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The offer from Kohl's is available for three days, from July 16 through July 18.

Which professional athlete got their own Barbie doll?

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The Naomi Osaka Barbie doll sold out "due to high demand" after this week's release.

Democrats in the House took steps to advance a new spending bill that would overturn which amendment?

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A House subcommittee cleared a spending bill without including the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits funding for abortions.

Which food brand is releasing a limited-edition pint of ice cream?

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Kraft has partnered with an ice cream parlor to release a limited-edition pint of mac & cheese-flavored ice cream.

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