Which professional sports figure is the celebrity host this week on ‘Jeopardy!’?

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Fox Sports anchor Joe Buck says hosting Jeopardy! has been a highlight of his career.

A group of Subway franchisees is pressuring the fast-food giant to change its ads by firing what spokesperson?

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The push came after U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe knelt in protest before a match at the Tokyo Olympics.

Which former NFL quarterback was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

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Five-time NFL MVP and two-time Super Bowl winner Payton Manning is now enshrined at the hall of fame in Canton, Ohio.

Which country’s olympic committee criticized its own men’s national soccer team?

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The Brazilian Olympic Committee will take action after soccer players refused to wear the nation’s official Olympic uniform during the medal ceremony at the Tokyo Games.

Who will co-host a 9/11 benefit comedy show alongside comedian Pete Davidson at Madison Square Garden?

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“NYC Still Rising After 20 Years” will take place Sept. 12, featuring Amy Schumer, Dave Chappelle, John Mulaney and Wanda Sykes.

Which of the following is not a priority in the $3.5 trillion budget that Senate Democrats unveiled?

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Senate Democrats want to give President Joe Biden funding for many of his fAvorite social programs, but they are not trying to cut the Pentagon's budget.

Whose criminal trial is moving forward with jury selection after multiple delays?

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R. Kelly's sex trafficking trial is finally on the horizon two years after he was charged with abusing women and girls over a stretch of nearly two decades.

Which former-famed child movie star passed away at age 95?

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Jane Withers hosted a children's radio show and starred in a film alongside Shirley Temple. She was famous for portraying a female plumber in ads for Comet cleanser.

Which country now requires citizens to have proof of COVID-19 vaccination before entering many indoor gathering places?

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Italy’s new “Green Pass” requires people to have at least one dose of the shot to enter archaeological sites, gyms, theaters and indoor restaurants.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers announced he used $70 million in federal coronavirus aid money to fund what?

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The money going to Wisconsin hotels is part of $140 million dollars designated for the state's tourism and entertainment industries.

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