NASA's next SpaceX launch to the International Space Station will include what unusual cargo?

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The ocular test will examine the impact of space travel on eyesight.

What did 640 people do to escape Afghanistan as the Taliban took over their country?

Paula Bronstein /Getty Images
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The people rushed onto a C-17 transport plane's ramp, becoming refugees who will get asylum in the U.S. One person was discovered dead upon landing in Qatar, trapped in the landing gear.

Which actor claims Hollywood studios have been blacklisting him and denying him work?

David Livingston/Getty Images
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In his first interview after losing a libel lawsuit, Johnny Depp talked about what he calls "Hollywood's boycott of... me."

The man who popularized what newspaper puzzle died at the age of 69?

Mark Fletcher-Brown/Unsplash
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Maki Kaji, the "Godfather of Sudoku," dropped out of college and rebranded an existing puzzle as "Sudoku," spreading it worldwide.

What is the Biden Administration increasing by 25 percent?

Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images
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This hike in food stamp assistance benefits is the largest single increase in the program's history.

Dr. Pepper released a limited-edition soda featuring what flavor?

George Frey/Getty Images
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Dr Pepper "FANtastic Chocolate" won't be available in stores, but consumers can try to score some through “Pepper Perks” loyalty accounts.

Which band is requiring fans to prove that they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend their upcoming concerts?

Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images
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The Foo Fighters are asking fans to show proof of full vaccination or a negative test result within 48 hours of attending their Alaska concert.

Officials from which country have claimed the U.S. and other nations rigged the Tokyo Olympics against them?

Yuichi Yamazaki/Getty Images
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A Russian lawmaker said other countries at the Olympics were "a pack of Russophobic beasts, headed by the United States.”

The U.S. government has opened a formal investigation into which of the following?

Marcus Winkler/Unsplash
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The formal investigation into Tesla's partially automated driving system covers 765,000 vehicles and comes after a number of collisions with parked emergency vehicles.

What kind of public figure did Chinese officials arrest on suspicion of rape?

Vincent Chan/Unsplash
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Kris Wu, a former member of Korean boy band EXO, denied accusations that he had sex with a 17-year-old while she was drunk.

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