What Heisman Trophy-winning veteran quarterback, a former number-one draft pick, was released by his NFL team?

Matt McGee/Flickr/CC license 2.0
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The New England Patriots cut Cam Newton and will now look to first-round rookie Mac Jones to lead the offense.

What unusual artifact, typically found in a museum, will be auctioned off to the highest bidder on Oct. 21?

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"Big John," the world's largest Triceratops skeleton, has an 8-foot-long head and is 60 percent complete. It's likely to fetch $1.2 million.

What kind of cute but diseased animal pitted animal rights activists against the British government before veterinarians euthanized it?

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British government veterinarians killed Geronimo, an alpaca that was carrying bovine tuberculosis.

What product is no longer available anywhere on earth after an Algerian company stopped selling it?

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The UN Environment Programme revealed that the Algerian service stations stopped selling leaded gasoline, marking the end of its use.

What unusual employee did a Netflix film producer hire as an on-set consultant?

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Queen Margrethe II, the reigning monarch of Denmark, will design sets for a Netflix movie adapted from a novel by a Danish author.

Which company has pledged $30 million to fund new projects tied to its racial equity plan?

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Apple is devoting millions to expand education programs for minority students.

Which country has banned app stores from forcing software developers to use their in-app payment systems?

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South Korea is the first major country to take this step, a moment of bad news for Google and Apple.

What caused Tulane University to shut down until Sept 13?

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Tulane University, in New Orleans, will pause classes to give the school time to repair, restore power and return to other critical services that Ida damaged.

The United States is promising up to $60 million in new military aid to which country?

Staff Sgt. Victor Mancilla / U.S. Marine Corps via Getty Images
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The U.S. made the promise to Ukraine in advance of a White House meeting between President Joe Biden and his counterpart in Kyiv, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Whch of the following is not a team that the U.S. will compete against in the first qualifying round of the 2023 Basketball World Cup?

Apu Gomes/Getty Images
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USA Basketball will face Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico in the competition, even though Puerto Rico is part of the United States.

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