"Candyman" director Nia DaCosta has become the first black female director to do what with a movie?

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Nia DaCosta is the first black female director to debut at No. 1 at the U.S. box office.

Which shoe company has stepped into the "metaverse" with an interactive virtual world on the video game Roblox?

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In Vans World, players can skateboard in various parks while decked out in branded shoes and other gear.

What celebrity's family agreed to pay $65 million to buy back the fashion brand that's named after her?

Pawel Czerwinski/Unsplash
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Jessica Simpson's family is buying her name back, since the brand's owner is seeking federal bankruptcy protection.

Which country's team won the 2021 women’s hockey world championship?

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Canada scored in overtime to beat the five-time defending champion United States 3-2.

What's the latest burger chain to launch a loyalty program to keep customers coming back?

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Burger King's "Royal Perks" program will give customers 10 "crowns" for every dollar they spend.

Which world leader did Pope Francis mistakenly quote this week?

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While the Pope criticized 20 years of foreign intervention in Afghanistan, the 84-year-old mistakenly quoted Russian President Vladimir Putin instead of Angela Merkel.

Which airline is being sued by a labor union that represents its pilots?

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The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association is suing over pandemic rules that they claim violate federal labor laws.

Which tech company is appealing a $591 million fine issued by French regulators?

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French regulators fined Google for how it handled negotiations with publishers in a copyright dispute.

The federal government announced new rules designed to protect a rare whale species by limiting what kind of fishing?

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
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The lobster fishing rules were designed to protect a the North Atlantic right whale. There are only 360 left, and they get tangled in fishing gear.

White House officials are outlining plans for which of the following?

Alex Wong/Getty Images
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The effort is meant to counter the spike in housing prices and transition Americans from paying rent to owning their own homes.

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