What happened aboard the International Space Station that caused global panic in the space community?

Steve Jurvetson/Flickr/CC2.0
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The ISS crew reported smoke and the smell of burnt plastic, but systems are back to normal and there were no injuries.

Who is the latest big-name luminary in England to endorse the Black Lives Matter movement?

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
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The queen and the royal family support BLM, according to Ken Olisa, the first black Lord-Lieutenant for London.

Oreo is teaming up with what famous brand for a limited-edition collaboration?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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Pokémon will co-brand limited-edition cookie packs featuring 16 different embossed Pokémon character faces.

Which company has revealed plans to hire more than 100,000 additional workers for the holiday season?

Mario Tama/Getty Images
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UPS’s speedy hiring will be mostly for jobs like package handling and driver's helpers.

Which of these country artists was one of the two who earned the most 2021 Country Music Awards nominations?

Katherine Hanlon/Unsplash
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Eric Church and Chris Stapleton each earned five nominations.

What did former Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani deny doing as he fled Kabul and the Taliban captured the capital?

Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
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Afghanistan's ambassador to Tajikistan accused Ghani of stealing nearly $170 million from the country as he left. Ghani says it's not true.

Whose daughter appears on Teen Vogue magazine's latest cover?

Courtney Emery/Flickr/CC2.0
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The late Kobe Bryant’s 18-year-old daughter Natalia is on the cover of the September issue.

Which politician revealed that she battled breast cancer this year?

Angiola Harry/Unsplash
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Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar was diagnosed with breast cancer seven months ago. She is cancer-free thanks to a lumpectomy and radiation treatment.

Whose licenses are Louisiana health officials revoking in the wake of Hurricane Ida?

Scott Olson/Getty Images
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Residents of seven nursing homes, all owned by one person, were evacuated to a warehouse before the hurricane hit, seven of them died.

The Italian Coast Guard rescued 125 people who were stranded where?

Marco Secchi/Getty Images
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125 migrants were stuck on Isola dei Conigli, an uninhabited island halfway between Malta and Tunisia, after one of their boats nearly sank.

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