What kind of space crew will fly into orbit for the first time aboard a SpaceX launchcraft?

Joel Kowsky/NASA via Getty Images
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The all-civilian crew -- no military astronauts among them -- will go on a three-day mission that takes them around the Earth multiple times.

What online and television brand did CNN's parent company sell to FOX Entertainment — reportedly for just $50 million?

Hilbert Hill/Unsplash
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WarnerMedia sold TMZ to FOX. It's shedding brands as it scrounges for cash to fund 5G technology for AT&T, which it owns.

What did football fans do during a University of Miami football that was heroic?

Topical Press Agency/Getty Images
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Using an American flag as a blanket, fans managed to catch a live cat as it fell after dangling from the upper deck.

Which politician is expected to launch a new U.S. political party?

Drew Beamer/Unsplash
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2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang will no longer identify as a Democrat, creating speculation about his next move.

What did the state of Virginia put in place of its now-removed statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond?

Eze Amos/Getty Images
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The new time capsule was installed within the statue's massive pedestal, which remained.

Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are fighting which U.S. state’s new law against online censorship?

Chris McGrath/Getty Images
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The new Texas law would allow anyone banned from a social media platform for their political views to sue the service than banned them.

Which top-5-ranked college football team was upset by the team ranked 12th?

Rick Wilking-Pool/Getty Images
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Oregon beat No. 3 Ohio State, 35-28, sending the Buckeyes plummeting to No. 11 — but they're still 9 places ahead of Michigan.

Which state’s highest court ruled that felons can cast election ballots if they recently registered to vote?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
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In North Carolina, certain felons released from prison, and some others who were never incarcerated, can vote as long as they registered recently.

Which Middle Eastern country has formed a new government after more than a year of delays?

Wikimedia Commons
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The newly formed Lebanese government ends a 13-month standstill that worsened the country’s economy.

Which European country will offer free birth control to all women up to age 25?

Barr Laboratories/Getty Images
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France’s universal free birth control for young women will begin in 2022. It joins several other European countries that distribute contraception for free.

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