Australian entomologists have named a colorful new species of fly in whose honor?

CSIRO Australia
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The soldier fly, which has rainbow colors on its back, was named after drag queen superstar RuPaul. Its official Latin name is "Opaluma RuPaul."

Which team hired the first full-time female play-by-play announcer in major men's professional sports?

the great 8/Flickr/CC2.0
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Lisa Byington will do play-by-play for the Milwaukee Bucks on TV. She was already the first female play-by-play voice to work the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

What is the Mexican government giving away in a national lottery?

Hector Vivas/Getty Images
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The house El Chapo fled from in 2014 when Mexican marines had him surrounded will go to some lucky person with the winning ticket.

Which famous European landmark is covered in fabric as part of an art installation?

Siegfried Modola/Getty Images
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The Arc de Triomphe is covered by 270,000 square feet of silver-blue fabric and red ropes. The late artist couple Christo and Jeanne-Claude had the idea back in 1961.

What performer has postponed his tour of the United Kingdom because of surgery?

Hugo I. Casanova/Unsplash
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Elton John will have a hip operation, forcing him to reschedule 22 UK arena dates until 2023.

Five out of Australia's six states have now legalized which of the following?

Joey Csunyo/Unsplash
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About two-thirds of Queenland’s lawmakers voted in favor of legalizing assisted suicide. New South Wales, the nation’s most populous state, is the lone holdout.

British Airways has successfully flown a passenger flight using jet fuel made partly from what?

Scott Barbour/Getty Images
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British Airways said using recycled cooking oil allows it to offset its greenhouse gas emissions, making the flight carbon-neutral.

Which company announced a contest whose grand prize is a two-night stay in an RV shaped like its flagship product?

David McNew/Getty Images
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Winners will get to stay in the Planters Nutmobile, a vehicle shaped like a giant peanut. But beware: There's no bathroom inside.

In which country were four men indicted for allegedly supporting the Islamic extremist group Jabhat al-Nusra?

Gokhan Sahin/Getty Images
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One of the four men arrested by German prosecutors is a U.S. citizen.

Which company is suing New York City over a law that affects the data it collects about its customers?

Jason Dent/Unsplash
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DoorDash is upset that a new city law will force it to share customer data with restaurants.

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