What's unusual about a new product soon to be released by the maker of Samuel Adams beer?

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Boston Beer Co.’s limited edition "Utopias" beer contains 28% alcohol by volume, which makes it illegal to sell in much of the U.S.

Apple is working on artificial intelligence that might help do what?

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Apple is working with a biotech company and UCLA scientists to figure out how changes in facial expressions and typing speed could signal a mental health problem.

Which member of the British Royal Family has given birth for the first time?

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Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter Princess Beatrice gave birth to a baby girl.

What new tourist attraction is now open for business in China?

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Universal Studios Beijing features attractions related to films like Jurassic Park, Kung Fu Panda and the Harry Potter saga.

Who jumped onstage to congratulate Stephen Colbert when he won a 2021 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Variety Special"?

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Conan O'Brien sped down the aisle to celebrate Colbert’s win on stage with him.

Which country threatened the U.S. over its nuclear submarine deal with Australia?

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A North Korean official said the deal would set off a nuclear arms race if it affects the hermit kingdom's national security.

At the United Nations, President Biden announced a new policy of what?

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Biden said his military withdrawal from Afghanistan signaled a change in American policy, from "relentless war" to "relentless diplomacy."

Which high-end clothing brand now allows Fortnite videogame players to dress their avatars in digital versions of its pricey apparel?

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Fortniters will soon be able to dress in luxury Balenciaga clothing — in the game.

What type of medication did Pfizer voluntarily recall?

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Long-term investigation of the anti-smoking drug, Chantix, found that it can lead to a "potential increased cancer risk" in people who take it.

The Biden Administration revealed plans this week to protect Americans from what?

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The U.S. Departments of Labor and Health and Human Services are working on reducing heat-related illnesses.

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