Who has the British Royal Navy made an honorary naval officer?

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Daniel Craig, best known for playing James Bond, is now a "commander" in the service — the same rank held by the fictional secret agent.

What famous prize-granting organization has scrapped its award banquet for the second year in a row

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the Nobel Prize committee to cancel its 2021 ceremonies; this year's Nobel laureates will get their prizes in their own countries.

What headline-grabbing Netflix show is getting a second season?

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“Tiger King 2” will continue telling the story of "Joe Exotic," who kept tigers, lions and other big cats in Oklahoma.

Apple’s App Store will continue to “blacklist” the maker of what popular app while legal action continues?

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Fortnite creator Epic Games is appealing a judge's ruling in a lawsuit against Apple, which says the ban will stay in place until the case is resolved.

A shortage of truck drivers in England, driven by Brexit and COVID-19, has led what kind of retailers to close locations?

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People in the UK have been seen lining up at gas stations in the early morning, hoping they will have fuel and open for business.

The European Union has proposed new regulations requiring what feature on all smartphones?

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The EU will require USB-C ports on smartphones, tablets and cameras, with the VP of the European Commission saying consumers are tired of “incompatible chargers piling up in their drawers.”

What new protein option is Chipotle adding to its burrito menu?

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Smoked brisket will be a limited-time offering.

Where did scientists find an antibody that they say might help neutralize the COVID-19 virus?

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British researchers hope to synthesize antibodies taken from a llama named Fifi and deploy them to bind with the coronavirus and kill it.

The chief technology officer of which social media platform has announced that he is stepping down?

Chris McGrath/Getty Images
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Mike Schroepfer says he is leaving Facebook to spend more time with his family and do philanthropic work.

Which U.S. state will become the first to set limits on how mega-retailers impose work quotas on employees?

Museums Victoria/Unsplash
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Firing warehouse workers for missing quotas that interfere with bathroom and rest breaks will be illegal under this new California law.

2021-09-27 Smarter News Quiz: App Store Bans, Burrito Meat and Her Majesty's Navy
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