The “Saturday Night Live” cast member known for playing the role of which politician is leaving the show?

Asit Khanda/Unsplash
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Beck Bennett, who drew raves for his impressions of both Mike Pence and Vladimir Putin isn't returning to "SNL" for a ninth season.

What late rocker's iconic guitar sold at auction for more than $900,000?

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Johnny Ramone’s guitar was a 1965 Mosrite Ventures II electric guitar. He passed away in 2004.

What is senior Democratic congressman Jerry Nadler's latest idea to address America's spiraling national debt?

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The U.S. could default on its debts if Congress can't pass a budget by mid-October. Some economists say the nation should just mint enough $1 trillion platinum coins to pay what it owes.

What caused Taiwan's legislature to pause its opening day proceedings?

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Some lawmakers were shoved to the ground and others had water poured on them. The opposition party started the fight to protest COVID-19 policies.

Billionaire Marc Lore, a former Walmart president, has unveiled plans for what kind of ambitious construction project?

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Lore says his mission is to build a $400 billion “new city in America" that has "green" architecture, sustainable energy production and a drought-resistant water system.

The creator of which mobile app says it now has more than 1 billion users worldwide?

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TikTok says its app was downloaded more than 315 million times in the first quarter of 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold.

Which country singer revealed he has a rare nerve disorder that disrupts his balance onstage?

Bruno Emmanuelle/Unsplash
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Country Music Hall of Famer Alan Jackson, 62, said he has Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which affects both his balance and his ability to walk.

What event delayed five airplane takeoffs at an airport in Japan?

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A 4-pound turtle decided to take a walk on a runway at Tokyo’s Narita international airport, stymying air traffic control until workers trapped it with a net.

The President of South Korea has suggested banning what from his nation's diet?

Jung Yeon-Je-Pool/Getty Images
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South Korean President Moon Jae-in asked, "Hasn’t the time come to prudently consider prohibiting dog meat consumption?”

Where were 39 Canadian workers trapped for three days?

Jason Hafso/Unsplash
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39 miners were trapped underground when a scoop bucket crashed into the elevator shaft. They had to climb 4,000 feet of ladders to safety, but no one was hurt.

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