What Sci-Fi actor will soon be heading into space on a Blue Origin rocket?

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
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“Star Trek” actor William Shatner, known for playing Captain Kirk, will go to space after previously pretending to live there since the 1960s.

Players from which international sports team abandoned a tournament to request asylum as defectors?

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Nine out of the 24 players on Cuba's national under-23 baseball team defected to Mexico during a World Cup tournament.

A woman in Arkansas has been allowed to keep what item that she found in a state park?

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The California woman found a 4.38-carat yellow diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park. Visitors are encouraged to forage for precious stones and take them home.

Which famous billionaire is no longer on the Forbes list of the world’s 400 richest people?

Marc Lautenbacher/Wikimedia Commons
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Former President Donald Trump lost $600 million and dropped off the list, according to Forbes magazine, because so many of his commercial buildings have been vacant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two scientists won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering how humans react to what?

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David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian studied how the human body perceives temperature, touch and pressure through nerve impulses. Their work could lead to medicine that targets chronic pain.

HBO has released the first trailer promoting a TV show written as a prequel to what other series?

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“House of the Dragon” is set 200 years before “Game of Thrones” begins. It will premiere in 2022.

Where will the Maui Invitational college basketball tournament be held next month?

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The Maui Invitational is relocating to Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas due to ongoing COVID-related travel restrictions in Hawaii.

Singer Justin Bieber has launched his own name-branded line of what product?

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Bieber’s pre-rolled 0.5 gram marijuana joints sell in packs of seven for $32 in Nevada and California, where they’re legal to buy.

Which country test-fired a hypersonic missile from a nuclear submarine for the first time?

China Photos/Getty Images
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Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted that the Severodvinsk submarine and its Zircon cruise missiles are a show of Russian military strength.

What name has been given to a massive leak of financial documents that exposed the banking habits of world leaders, entertainers and businessmen?

Spencer Platt/Newsmakers
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Hundreds of public figures found their banking files leaked online in what’s called the Pandora Papers.

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