Why was Vice President Kamala Harris mocked on social media for a video in which she answers children’s questions about space exploration?

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Harris and five child actors shot the video at the Naval Observatory, near the vice president’s residence, with a Canadian production company called Sinking Ship Entertainment.

Israeli archaeologists have unearthed a complex that ancient Byzantine people used for mass-producing what?

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Archaeologists believe the ancient winemaking complex, which includes grape presses, kilns and jars, dates back to around 1,500 years ago.

A new California law will ban the sale of what kind of gas-powered conveniences beginning in 2024?

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New gas-powered leaf blowers, lawnmowers, weed-whackers and other yardwork power tools will be banned from sale in California, but your neighbors can keep using their existing ones.

Who can get free breakfast at McDonald’s every day this week?

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The deal for teachers also applies to school staff until Oct. 15; to get a free “Thank You Meal,” all you need is a valid work ID.

Who did a member of The Beatles say was responsible for the band’s 1970 breakup?

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Paul McCartney told a BBC interviewer: “I didn’t instigate the split… that was our Johnny [Lennon].”

Walmart has teamed up with what digital brand to launch a new online store?

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Walmart’s “Netflix Hub” is a store where fans of Netflix movies and TV series can buy merchandise related to their binge-watching.

California congresswoman Maxine Waters claimed on Tuesday to be a victim of what?

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Waters announced that “I have been hacked and my Twitter account has been erased.” But she made the claim on Twitter, and none of her old tweets appeared to be missing.

A U.S. Navy employee in what line of work has been charged with trying to pass military secrets to a foreign country?

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Nuclear engineer Jonathan Toebbe was caught in an FBI sting trying to give a memory card to someone he thought was a foreign agent; He hid it inside a peanut butter sandwich.

A Hall of Fame athlete from which professional sport has been arrested on a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence?

Niu niu/Unsplash
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UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell, age 51, was held briefly in a Los Angeles jail; he claims he was the victim of an assault by his wife.

A new case of what dreaded disease has public health authorities in central Africa worried?

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A new case of Ebola was confirmed in the Congolese city of Beni, five months after the country closed the book on a regional outbreak.

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