The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will soon roll out guidelines designed to limit Americans’ consumption of what?

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The FDA asked restaurants and food manufacturers to cut salt levels in everything during the next 30 months; the goal is a 12 percent reduction in Americans’ sodium intake.

What did Queen Elizabeth II do at a public event for the first time?

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The 95-year-old British monarch was seen using a cane while attending a service at Westminster Abbey.

Which Christmas movie is getting a remake on the Disney+ streaming service?

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The first trailer of “Home Sweet Home Alone” was released this week, showing Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney in the roles of bumbling thieves.

What common product does a European food executive predict could soon become a luxury, like caviar or Champagne?

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The CEO of Europe’s top meat processor said steak and other beef products are likely to become rarities because of the perception that raising cattle contributes to climate change.

U.S. Forest Service crews rushed this week to protect what California landmark from a rapidly spreading wildfire?

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The Alisal Fire in Santa Barbara County, California moved within a few miles of the Reagan ranch, a 688-acre property that served as the “Western White House” during the 1980s.

Who used his Twitter account to send a sarcastic jab to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos?

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When Bezos tweeted that Amazon was “one of the world’s most successful companies,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded with an emoji depicting a second-place medal.

In which country will three cities bid for the right to host a regular season NFL game next year?

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The NFL wants Germany to host its first game in 2022, and ask Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich to compete for the opportunity.

Who plans to campaign with Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia as he runs for a second non-consecutive term as governor?

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Former President Barack Obama will join McAuliffe in Richmond to help promote early voting in what has become a razor-tight race against Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Google has launched a new tool that can help people do which of the following?

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To use the new guitar tuning feature, type “Google tuner” into your search bar.

The head coach of which pro sports team has resigned over offensive emails he sent years ago?

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Jon Gruden resigned from the Las Vegas Raiders amid allegations that he used racist, sexist and anti-gay language in private emails over a seven-year period.

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