Which apps have disappeared from the Apple App Store in China?

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images
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Amazon’s Audible app is gone in China now, along with phone apps made for reading the holy books of Islam and Christianity.

Who did the government of New Zealand lay off after 23 years of service?

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The 88-year-old Wizard of New Zealand was the nation’s official minister of the mystical realm for 23 years.

Which NFL team broke its 20-game losing streak on a last second field goal?

Bob Levey/Getty Images
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The 53-yard kick gave the Jaguars and head coach Urban Meyer their first win of the season, beating the Miami Dolphins 23–20.

Where were 12 American and Canadian Christian missionaries and 5 children kidnapped by gang members?

Adrienne Merritt/Unsplash
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The Christian Aid Ministries missionaries and some minors were kidnapped in Haiti while traveling near the capital Port-au-Prince.

What is Los Angeles County demanding from Kobe Bryant’s widow as her lawsuit moves forward?

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The county's lawyers want Vanessa Bryant and other surviving family members to sit for mental health evaluations.

Ninety of what were found under a home in Northern California?

Phil Hearing/Unsplash
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A total of 90 rattlesnakes were found preparing to hibernate under a mountainside home in California.

Queen Elizabeth II was caught on a phone call showing her frustration over lack of action on what problem?

Steve Parsons - WPA Pool/Getty Images
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The Queen was heard saying in advance of a climate conference that it’s “irritating” when politicians “talk, but they don’t do.

Which team won the WNBA national championship?

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
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The Chicago Sky became WNBA champions for the first time, beating the Phoenix Mercury in 4 games.

The lead singer of which band fractured his ribs after falling off stage during a concert?

Hugo I. Casanova/Unsplash
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60-year-old Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil tumbled off of the stage and landed on cement.

Which actor’s wife has filed for divorce?

Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash
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After just one year of marriage, 29-year-old Leila George has filed for divorce from 61-year-old Sean Penn.

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