Who does former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin say sexually assaulted her more than 25 years ago?

Theo Wargo/Getty Images
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Abedin claims in a new book that an unnamed senator forcibly kissed her, and that she blocked out the memory for more than two decades.

Which famous seller of coffee says it will pay all its employees at least $15 per hour by next year?

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The move will raise the average wage at Starbucks about $17 per hour, the chain says.

Which company has cut a deal with Tesla to buy 100,000 electric vehicles?

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Hertz also plans to install thousands of electric vehicle charging stations at its rental locations.

What mission-critical piece of equipment does SpaceX plan to fix before sending its next crew of astronauts into space?

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A tube became unglued in a toilet system that routes urine to a storage tank. SpaceX says it ended up in a fan system, not in the crew capsule.

What will be the most popular Halloween costume this year, according to Google Trends?

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Witch costumes rank no. 1, with the rest of this list rounding out the top four.

FIFA will use what kind of referees for the first time during the 2022 world cup in Qatar?

Fauzan Saari/Unsplash
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FIFA wants to see “semi-automated” offsides calls, made by the same sort of artificial intelligence that tracks tennis balls at Wimbledon.

What new high-tech innovation has a Japanese startup priced at about $700,000 apiece?

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The hoverbike’s creators promise it can fly for 40 minutes without recharging, and travel at up to 63 mph.

Who pleaded not guilty to a double murder in San Diego?

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Ali Abulaban has nearly a million online followers on TikTok; he’s charged with shooting to death his wife and a man she was with.

Which endangered animal do scientists believe lost nearly 10 percent of its population last year?

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The population of the rare North Atlantic right whale is down to 336, according to biologists.

To whom did the House of Representatives vote to award the Congressional Gold Medal?

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Thirteen U.S. troops will be posthumously awarded the highest honor Congress can bestow, after they died in a bombing outside the Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

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