Facebook announced that it has changed its name to what short word?

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to focus on a virtual-reality plan called the “metaverse,” so its new name is “meta.”

Google has announced a new policy that gives people a way to delete what kind of content from its search results?

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Google has made it easier for parents and legal guardians to have pictures of their children under age 18 removed.

Pixar released its first trailer for a new movie featuring which character?

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“Lightyear” will tell the story of the “real” person behind the iconic toy and character from the Toy Story movies.

The Vatican has canceled plans for a live TV broadcast of Pope Francis greeting whom?

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The Vatican will only distribute edited video later of Joe Biden meeting the Pope, but hasn’t said why.

Who is suing the Cleveland Indians over the baseball team’s new name?

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The Indians are rebranding as the Cleveland Guardians, but a roller derby team that owns clevelandguardians.com has used that name for years.

What kind of item has Guinness World Records certified as the heaviest of its kind, weighing more than 2,700 pounds?

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A farmer in Italy broke the record for the heaviest pumpkin, which officially weighed 1,226 kilograms.

A judge has ruled that Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Twitter must be heard where?

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Trump wants his Twitter account restored, and Twitter is based in California. The judge said that’s where any hypothetical harm to Trump may have occurred.

Which company plans to install 40,000 electric-vehicle charging stations around the U.S.?

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General Motors also plans to sell charging units to the public.

Who has filed a pair of lawsuits against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan?

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People who managed and provided security to Zuckerberg’s household say they were “groped,” “propositioned” and subjected to “hyper-sexualized remarks.”

Who has canceled plans to attend a major international conference focused on fighting climate change?

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After a doctor advised her to rest, Queen Elizabeth II will not attend next week’s COP26 conference in Scotland.

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