Scammers behind a cryptocurrency inspired by what TV show made off with $2.1 million, cashing in their holdings and leaving other investors with nothing?

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The "Squid Game" cryptocurrency, called SQUID token, reached $2,861 but traded at $0 by the end of Monday.

What mode of transportation did 400 world government and business leaders use to travel to the global climate meeting in Scotland?

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The Glasgow airport was so full of carbon-spewing private jets that some empty aircraft had to fly 30 miles to find somewhere to park.

Which celebrity’s child custody appeal was denied in court?

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A judge shot down Brad Pitt's custody appeal involving Angelina Jolie; the two have been at odds since their divorce five years ago.

What online activity are British lawmakers working on turning into a crime?

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A bill in Parliament would criminalize “threatening” and “knowingly false” online comments intended to cause emotional, psychological or physical harm.

Who said Major League Baseball invited him to Game 4 of the World Series in Atlanta — a claim the league later disputed?

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Former president Trump also participated in the Atlanta Braves “tomahawk chop,” but he apparently came on his own.

Which reality TV star announced his candidacy for his state’s senate?

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Duggar, the father on TLC's "19 Kids and Counting," said he’s running for state senate in Arkansas on a platform of loosening mask mandates.

An election for governor in what state, held Tuesday, is being watched as a key sign of how netx year’s congressional contests will play out?

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Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin are fighting for the Virginia governor’s mansion.

What name has Great Britain given to a thinning Antarctic ice mass?

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Britain picked “Glasgow Glacier” in order to symbolize the implications of climate change ahead of a major conference there.

What did leaders of the world’s 20 biggest economies globally endorse at the G20 summit in Rome?

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A global minimum tax on businesses would be an attempt to stop multinational corporations from hiding profits in tax havens.

Which former One Direction band member pleaded no contest to four charges of harassment?

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Zayn Malik is accused of saying "lewd, lascivious, threatening or obscene words" to Yolanda Hadid (his partner Gigi Hadid’s mother) and to a security guard.

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