What is the fast-food chain Arby’s selling for the first time in its history?

Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Arby's
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Arby's limited edition vodkas is a $60 pair of bottles, available online, that are flavored to taste like crinkle fries and curly fries.

What prominent American politician’s approval rating sits at just 28 percent, according to a USA Today-Suffolk University poll?

Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images
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Vice President Harris’s approval rating is below Biden’s, Trump’s and Newsom’s. (But she out-polls Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.)

A pair of diamond bracelets that once belonged to what famous woman sold for $8.2 million at auction this week in Switzerland?

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Queen Marie Antoinette had the jewelry made in 1776 and sent it away for safekeeping before she was guillotined during the French Revolution.

Which celebrity did People magazine name the “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2021?

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Actor Paul Rudd, 52, quipped that he was having new business cards made when he heard he was number one.

A brand new company that makes what product was valued at more than $86 billion at the end of its first day on the stock exchange?

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
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Rivian, an electric vehicle startup supported by Amazon and Ford, ended its IPO day with a bigger market valuation than General Motors.

Tô Lâm, a leading minister in Vietnam's communist government, created an uproar at home by ordering an expensive steak in London that’s prepared with what?

Emerson Vieira/Unsplash
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The communist politician ordered a $1,000 tomahawk steak coated in 24-karat gold leaf at Nusr-Et Steakhouse. A TikTok video quickly disappeared.

What city boasts America’s most expensive average real estate prices in a new nationwide survey?

Daniel Barnes/Unsplash
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The median home price in Atherton, in California's Silicon Valley, is $7.475 million, at least $2 million more than in any other ZIP code.

Which Netflix series will return for a second season despite the producers planning for only one?

Thibault Penin/Unsplash
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Most television shows in South Korea, like Squid Game, run for only one season. But the show will get a second life thanks to its global success.

What did California Gov. Gavin Newsom say he was doing instead of attending the Scotland climate summit?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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Newsom said his kids staged an “intervention” so he stayed home for Halloween. That didn’t explain his 10-day absence from public view, however.

In which country does the United Nations say more than 3 million people need immediate “life-saving” aid?

Three Lions/Getty Images
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The U.N.’s humanitarian aid chief wants Myanmar’s military leaders to help people who are starving in the wake of February’s coup.

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