A traveler returning from Nigeria to Maryland has tested positive for what rare disease?

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People can contract monkeypox through contact with infected animals or animal products. This is the second such case in the U.S. this year.

A bipartisan group of attorneys general in 10 states are investigating the impact of what social media platform on children?

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The probe follows a whistleblower’s revelation that Instagram’s parent company knew using the platform can damage young people’s mental health.

The militant Palestinian group Hamas denounced which pop singer for planning a live concert in Israel?

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Hamas, which the United States categorizes as a foreign terrorist organization, slammed Bieber for planning a show in Tel Aviv.

Which celebrity chartered a plane to fly a women’s soccer team from Afghanistan to a safe country?

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Members of Afghanistan’s women’s youth development soccer team and their families reached London on a charter that Kim Kardashian paid for.

Amazon has opened a “cashierless” store in New York City, in cooperation with what retailer?

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“Starbucks Pickup with Amazon Go” allows coffee junkies to prepay in an app, and pick up their drinks without interacting with a barista.

President Joe Biden said he might take what action when China hosts the Winter Olympics in 2022?

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Republicans in Congress have suggested a complete boycott, but Biden said he’s “considering” not sending a diplomatic delegation to the 2022 games.

An e. coli food poisoning outbreak in seven states has been traced back to what product?

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says packages of Josie’s Organic Baby Spinach with an Oct. 23 expiration date are to blame.

President Joe Biden test-drove what kind of vehicle when he traveled to Detroit?

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Biden drove an all-electric Hummer during his visit to a General Motors factory.

What pharmacy chain announced it will close hundreds of stores during the next three years?

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CVS will shutter 900 stores while it revamps the remaining locations to offer more direct-to-consumer clinic services.

An official in which country warned citizens that a new wave of COVID-19 cases is threatening to bring “a really terrible Christmas”?

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Germany’s disease control agency is dealing with a fourth outbreak in a country where barely two-thirds of people are vaccinated.

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