A federal jury held which company partly responsible for fueling America’s opioid addiction crisis?

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The jury in Cleveland, Ohio decided that the three pharmacy chains recklessly sold enormous amounts of pain pills in two Ohio counties.

What kind of celebrity will fly aboard the next Blue Origin space flight?

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“Good Morning America” co-anchor Michael Strahan will fly into space on a Dec. 9 mission with six crew members.

Who won the 30th “Dancing with the Stars” competition?

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Iman Shumpert made history as the first former NBA star to win the Mirror Ball trophy.

Where are President Joe Biden and his family spending the Thanksgiving holiday?

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The White House is fending off criticism of the Bidens for staying at the Nantucket compound of billionaire David Rubenstein.

What company is abandoning its traditional bargain-pricing model in an acknowledgment of economic inflation?

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Dollar Tree said it will offer most items for $1.25 instead of $1.00.

Police arrested a spectator at the WWE Monday Night Raw event for doing what?

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The spectator was charged with attempted assault after jumping a barricade and tackling pro wrestler Seth Rollins.

Which billionaire made a $100 million donation to former president Barack Obama’s foundation?

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images
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Bezos’s donation is the single largest contribution the Obama Foundation has received.

Which actor was ordered to pay his former TV show’s production company nearly $31 million because of sexual harassment cases against him?

Alex Wong/Getty Images
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A cort ruled that Kevin Spacey breached his “House of Cards” contract by violating the production company’s sexual harassment policy.

Which country’s antitrust watchdog fined Apple and Amazon more than $225 million?

Drew Angerer/Getty Images
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Italy fined the companies for restricting competition in the sale of Apple and Beats products.

Which website's owners apologized for a data breach that exposed more than 1 million users?

Markus Spiske/Unsplash
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Craigslist GoDaddy said the breach exposed 1.2 million of its WordPress platform users’ email addresses and customer numbers.

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