Critics are praising Steven Spielberg’s latest film, a remake of what movie musical classic?

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Spielberg’s “West Side Story” follows the 1957 Broadway Musical and the 1961 film adaptation with a remake 60 years later.

Hackers gained access to patient files at what health organization in California?

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Abortion provider Planned Parenthood said someone accessed their computer servers in October and compromised data related to 400,000 patients.

What new vehicle did Tesla release for kids, selling out in less than a day?

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The Cyberquad for Kids is a $1,900 four-wheel all terrain vehicle inspired by the design of the Tesla Cybertruck.

What financial institution has become the first big bank to end all overdraft fees for checking account customers?

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Capital One will no longer penalize customers for writing checks for more money than the amount in their accounts.

What food company’s plant workers ended their strike when management promised them 3 percent raises?

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Kellogg’s workers were on strike for nearly two months.

Former President Donald Trump is seeking $1 billion in investments for what kind of new venture?

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Trump Media & Technology Group hasn’t released its social media app yet but is telling hedge funds to pay more per share than was previously planned.

What holiday dessert item is McDonald’s adding to its menu until early January?

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The McDonald’s Holiday Pie is vanilla custard in a flaky crust, glazed with sugar and topped with rainbow sprinkles.

The owners of pro sports teams brought which league to a standstill for the first time since 1995 by locking players out?

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Major League Baseball’s work stoppage began when the collective bargaining agreement between owners and players expired without a new one in place.

Which R&B singer is the subject of a sexual assault investigation in Nevada?

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The sexual assault allegations involve Trey Songz, whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson, and a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Which city began the month of December without any autumn snow for the first time in recorded history?

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Denver is waiting for its first measurable snowfall of the season, a first for the month of December.

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