Newspaper reporters found evidence that cocaine use is common in and around what seat of government?

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Cocaine residues were found in the women’s bathroom nearest to the British prime minister’s office, and in other sites restricted to lawmakers and staff

What website’s first day as a publicly traded company ended with its stock losing 11 percent of its value?

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Buzzfeed’s stock was up 50 percent on its IPO day before dropping sharply; at day’s end the company was still worth more than $1.1 billion.

Which Hollywood actor deleted his Twitter account?

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Alec Baldwin deleted his account a few days after his first sit-down interview since a prop gun in his hands killed a cinematographer on set.

A San Francisco restaurant was flooded with 1-star reviews after the owners refused to serve which customers?

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The owners of Hilda and Jesse, a popular breakfast eatery, apologized for refusing to serve three police officers because they were carrying guns.

What heavy metal group announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency and promised special premium benefits to fans who buy it?

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Megadeth’s cryptocurrency, called $MEGA, comes with access to exclusive access to the band and other bonuses

Which fast food company is buying the Del Taco chain?

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Jack In The Box said it will acquire America’s second-largest Mexican fast food chain for about $575 million

Which singer performed at a Formula One race in Saudi Arabia, ignoring human rights campaigners who called on him to cancel?

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Bieber performed to a packed house despite Saudi Arabia’s crackdowns of anti-government critics. Mariah Carey took a similar gig in 2019..

Which app did Apple’s App Store name iPhone “app of the year”?

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Toca Life World lets users, mostly kids, create their own universe and fill it with unique characters.

Which NFL team had to wait until Week 13 of the 2021 season to get its first victory?

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After starting the season with 10 losses and a tie, the Lions scored a last-second touchdown to upset the Minnesota Vikings, 29–27.

What food item do analysts expect will be the next casualty of supply-chain shortages in the United States?

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Tenders may become more expensive and harder to find because bringing them to market requires more processing and packaging.

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