What household item is KFC selling this month that smells like its famous fried chicken?

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For about $16, shoppers at Walmart can buy the “11 Herbs & Spices Firelog,” which releases the aroma of the famous Colonel Sanders recipe when it’s lit.

In a study of 7 million patients, people who took what common medication had a 69 percent lower risk of Alzheimer’s Disease?

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The Cleveland Clinic study did not conclude that taking Viagra prevents Alzheimers — only that men who take the drug are less likely to have it.

What has the city of Charlottesville, Virginia decided to do with a giant statue of Robert E. Lee that it removed from public view this year?

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Charlottesville lawmakers voted to give the statue to the city’s African-American museum, which will melt it down to create a new piece of public art.

Progressives in Congress have filed a bill, endorsed by labor unions, that would create what new standard for workers in America?

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The 100-member Congressional Progressive Caucus endorsed a bill setting the standard U.S. work week to 32 hours.

California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes is leaving Congress to become the CEO of what kind of company?

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Nunes will be CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group, which owns a pre-launch platform called TRUTH Social.

Which “Saturday Night Live” cast member hosted the 2021 People’s Choice Awards?

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Comedian Kenan Thompson also hosted Nickelodeon’s 2021 Kids’ Choice Awards in February.

What did Tesla CEO Elon Musk say he considers a global threat?

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Musk said there are “not enough people” in the world and called that circumstance worse than overpopulation.

Which food company is spending $50 million on end-of-year bonuses for workers at their plants?

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The bonuses will go to more than 80,000 hourly Tyson Foods workers, who will get between $300 and $700.

Eleven-time national champion track cyclist Christina Birch announced she is starting what new career?

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NASA picked the two-time Pan Am Games gold medalist to start astronaut training in January 2022.

The head of which country’s government is leaving office after 16 years?

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Angela Merkel, who became Germany’s first female chancellor in 2005, will see former scientist Olaf Scholz take over her job.

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