Who did the Taliban say that it’s now banning from secondary schools?

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The Taliban claims its ban on girls in high school will last only until a new education policy is announced next year.

Actor Jussie Smollet’s trial for filing police reports about a staged hate crime concluded Thursday, ending with what result?

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Smollett was convicted on 5 of 6 counts and could face jail time or lengthy probation.

A new FDA-approved eye drop medicine is helping test subjects get rid of what?

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“Vuity” drops could replace reading glasses for 128 million Americans. They take effect in about 15 minutes and last for six to 10 hours.

The street in front of what Washington, D.C. building will be renamed after slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi?

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The D.C. City Council voted to rename the Saudi embassy’s street “Jamal Khashoggi Way,” irking the Arab state responsible for his death.

New Zealand’s government has ordered a lifetime ban on what activity for people who are younger than 14?

Teenage boy (Oliver Ragfelt/Unsplash)
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The New Zealand law is meant to phase out cigarettes, and it will include an annual increase in the minimum buying age.

At least 12 large American cities this year have broken their previous records for what?

Dannel Malloy/Flickr/CC2.0
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Despite the murder records being broken, Chicago leads the nation with 739 as of the end of November, far from its record of 974 homicides in 1970.

The New York City Council has given noncitizens the legal right to do what?

Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images
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Noncitizens with green cards and work permits, and DACA holders, will get to vote in elections for city offices like mayor, borough president and city council.

Which clothing brand launched a “virtual collection” for characters in the video game Roblox?

Leon Neal/Getty Images
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Ralph Lauren also launched a holiday-themed game that lets virtual characters ice skate and drink hot chocolate.

The United States announced an arms trade embargo against which country?

Akio Kon - Pool/Getty Images
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The decision to cut India off from U.S. arms deals came as Washington grew concerned about deepening Chinese military influence.

Which world leader’s wife recently gave birth to a baby girl?

Daniel Thomas/Unsplash
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This is the second child for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie.

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