Lawmakers in Iran angered people by proposing a ban on what practice, calling it a “destructive social problem”?

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A bill in Iran’s parliament would enact a $100 fine for owners of animals including lizards, cats and dogs, and confiscate cars used to transport them.

A contestant from which country won the 2021 Miss Universe pageant?

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Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu beat 79 other contestants, including runner-up Miss Paraguay.

A producer from what cable TV news network was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing an underage girl and trying to entice others?

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Police say CNN producer John Griffin paid to fly a woman and her 9-year-old daughter to Boston, where he sexually abused the girl.

Artifacts believed to be tied to which historical figure were found in the attic of a Massachusetts home?

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Tools, letters, and other personal items owned by Paul Revere's family sold at an auction for $20,000.

Donald Trump kicked off a national tour with what former Fox News personality?

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The Trump–O'Reilly tour launched in Florida, where people paid a minimum of $100 to hear them in a partially empty arena.

What controversial technology will soon be tested in Switzerland?

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The pod fills with nitrogen gas, causing the occupant to die of oxygen depreviation, in line with Switzerland's assisted suicide laws.

Which Fox News anchor announced he’s leaving the network?

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After 18 years at the network, Chris Wallace is leaving Fox News for CNN's upcoming streaming service CNN+.

Which college football player won the Heisman trophy?

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Alabama quarterback Bryce Young won this year’s honor, giving the Crimson Tide back-to-back winners.

Which car company issued a recall for some vehicles that allow drivers to play videogames on dashboard touch-screens while driving?

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The Mercedes-Benz recall came only days after Tesla identified a similar issue; Tesla has not issued a recall.

What NFL record did quarterback Tom Brady recently break?

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Tom Brady earned himself another NFL record by breaking Drew Brees’ mark for career pass completions.

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