What admissions requirement did Harvard University say it will scrap until at least 2026?

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Students applying to Harvard will not have to submit SAT or ACT scores for at least the next four years.

Which Democratic senator torpedoed President Biden's "Build Back Better" legislation with an unexpected announcement that he would vote “no”?

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West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin angered Biden by opposing the $1.75 trillion domestic spending bill after a face-to-face meeting this week.

What new feature has the U.S. Navy added to its standard uniforms for the first time?

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Maternity uniforms will be provided at no cost to pregnant enlisted sailors, naval officers and Navy reservists in a pilot program through Sept. 2026.

The newly crowned Miss America is the pageant's first winner from which state?

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Miss Alaska Emma Broyles won the competition; she is also the first Korean-American Miss America.

A British man is trying to persuade local authorities to let him excavate a landfill so he can find what item that he discarded by mistake?

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James Howell mined Bitcoin in 2013 and saw its value climb to $500 million, but he threw away the hard drive that contained the access key.

Gabriel Boric, a former radical student leader, was elected the youngest-ever president of what country?

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Boric has promised to reform Chile's pension and healthcare systems and shrink the work-week from 45 hours to 40.

Eric Clapton won a lawsuit that he filed against a German woman who tried to sell what item on eBay?

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The lawsuit defendant listed a bootleg CD on eBay that once belonged to her late husband, asking about $11 for it.

Which streaming service pulled all Disney-owned videos for a full day after it failed to reach a deal with the company?

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YouTube TV paused distribution of ESPN, ABC and other Disney properties but reached a new deal on Sunday.

How many touchdown passes did Tom Brady throw in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' game aginst the New Orleans Saints?

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The Saints' defense sacked Brady four times on their way to a 9–0 shutout.

Which professional sports league postponed five games in the past week?

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COVID-19 concerns preempted three NBA games on Sunday, one on Monday and one on Tuesday.

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