What is making pet hospitals anticipate a 370 percent increase in emergency visits for dogs on Christmas Eve?

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Dogs often swipe chocolate treats on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but it’s highly toxic for them.

Which state’s residents did Bette Midler call “poor, illiterate and strung out”?

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Midler was forced to apologize after Twitter foes pointed out that West Virginians have a higher literacy rate than Californians and New Yorkers.

What kind of pet did the Bidens welcome to the White House?

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President Biden announced on Twitter that he has a new German Shepard puppy named Commander.

The prime minister of the United Arab Emirates was ordered to pay more than $728 million to whom?

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A British court ordered Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum to pay for his ex-wife’s security for the rest of her life, plus the cost of raising their two children.

What product is Walgreens rationing at the cash register because of a surge in demand?

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At-home COVID-19 tests are a hot item, so pharmacies including Walgreens and CVS are limiting how many each shopper can purchase.

How much did Elon Musk claim he will pay this year in taxes?

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Musk’s stock trades this year, mostly acquiring shares of Tesla, will be taxed at 40.8 percent, giving him what is likely the largest U.S. tax bill in history.

In this year's edition of an annual list of the most influential people in media, who came out at number 1?

Mediaite/screen capture
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Mediaite, which published the list, wrote that Tucker Carlson’s “deliberately polarizing rhetoric” has given him the most watched show in all of cable news.

Three environmental groups threatened to sue the Environmental Protection Agency over what issue?

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The groups, led by the Center for Biological Diversity, plan to go to court to force the EPA to protect manatees from pollution-fueled algae blooms in Florida.

What caused the National Hockey League to pause its season until early 2022?

Harry Scull Jr./Allsport/Getty Images
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The NHL’s time-out because of COVID-19 outbreakswill cancel 32 games; teams and players have also pulled out of the Beijing Olympics..

Computer software company Oracle is paying $27 billion for a company in what industry?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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Oracle’s biggest-ever acquisition will help the company incorporate health data in its cloud computing services.

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