Google has drawn complaints from Google Assistant users after it changed what feature that millions of people use every night?

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Google changed the ambient white noise that helps millions sleep, making the sound quieter and running it on a 10-minute loop instead of hourly.

Among the pranks Virginia’s outgoing Democratic governor played on his Republican successor was a life-size cardboard cutout of a famous person in his office. Who was it?

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Democrat Ralph Northam left GOP governor Glenn Youngkin a thumbs-up Trump cutout with a speech-bubble saying they would “talk about 2024.”

YouTube celebrity Jake Paul reportedly persuaded a former boxing champion to fight him in a pay-per-view event that could gross $49 million. Who is the pro fighter?

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Mike Tyson said Monday that talk of fight negotiations was news to him, but the boxing world is already buzzing and oddsmakers are issuing predictions..

Former vice president Mike Pence and his family are mourning the death of what kind of pet?

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Pence family rabbit “Marlon Bundo,” who reporters jokingly referred to as BOTUS — Bunny of the United States — has died.

The rabbi at a Texas synagogue where a hostage-taker held him and three other people captive said they escaped after he threw what object at the gunman?

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Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker credited the training he received from the FBI and police, saying he threw a chair at the British terrorist and told the others to run.

A scientific study of astronauts found that conditions in space left what part of their bodies depleted and weak?

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Destruction of red blood cells increases by more than half in space, resulting in a condition that University of Ottawa scientists call “space anemia.”

Ukraine blamed which country for a cyberattack that defaced government websites?

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Ukraine claims Russia is engaged in a “hybrid war” with the nation with which it shares a border; some analysts fear a full-scale military invasion is inevitable..

Which movie has overtaken “Spider-Man” in box office receipts after the superhero film held the top spot for a month?

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The “Scream” reboot debuted with $30.6 million in weekend ticket sales.

The United Arab Emirates cut a deal to buy surface-to-air missiles from what country?

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The UAE’s purchase of a South Korean mid-range missile defense system is said to be valued at about $3.5 billion.

When Ukraine's former president Petro Poroshenko returned to his country after a month abroad, what was waiting for him?

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An all-day hearing that stretched into the night reached no conclusion about whether Poroshenko should be arrested for treason; that decision is expected Wednesday.

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