Reports have trickled out of Las Vegas that singer Adele canceled her residency there because she refused to participate in a nightly stunt. What would it have involved?

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Producers wanted to lift the “Rolling in the Deep” singer while a pool filled beneath her, presenting the illusion that she floated on water; she called it “an old pond.”

Members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America elected just one Major League player to the Baseball Hall of Fame this week. Who got in?

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Ortiz entered the Hall on his first try. Schilling, Clemens and Bonds have gone 10 years without success, meaning the traditional route to Cooperstown, N.Y. is closed.

The city of San Jose, California is poised to become the first municipality in America to require gun owners to pay for a specific thing. What is it?

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San Jose officials want gun owners to pay a $25 fee and get insurance to cover any damage they cause with their weapons. Gun groups call it an unconstitutional “tax.”

A surgeon who transplanted a pig heart into a human patient said it wouldn’t be possible without a drug cocktail containing what surprising active ingredient?

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In addition to cocaine, the mixture also contains adrenaline and cortisol; surgeons say without it the human body will reject a transplanted heart.

Actor Peter Dinklage says Disney shouldn’t produce a live-action remake of an animated classic about a female character, unless it modernizes the entire cast. Which movie is it?

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Dinklage, an award-winning actor, is a dwarf. He objects to remaking Snow White because it includes “seven dwarfs living in a cave together.”

Michael Avenatti says a new lawyer will defend him against charges that he stole the identity of former porn star Stormy Daniels and took $300,000 of her money. Who is it?

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Avenatti wants to represent himself, which means he might get to cross-examine Daniels personally; the two once teamed up to sue Donald Trump.

Airbus canceled a contract to sell 50 passenger jets to Qatar Airways, after the airline complained about what part of the aircraft?

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Qatar Airways has grounded 21 Airbus jets since August because the exterior paint cracks and chips off, creating “serious and legitimate safety concerns.”

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has set up a hotline so citizens can report on the actions of a particular group of people. Whose whistle is being blown?

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Youngkin is targeting teachers who present “divisive subjects” in the classroom, including Critical Race Theory.

A famous musician has told Spotify that he will remove his songs from their streaming platform unless they get rid of podcaster Joe Rogan. Who’s making the threat?

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Neil Young, whose hits include “Heart of Gold” and “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World,” objects to Rogan’s “misinformation” about COVID-19 vaccines.

Thailand will soon legalize something controversial for the first time. What will be allowed that wasn't before?

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A law set to take effect in four months allows Thai citizens to grow cannabis plants at home, as long as they notify their local governments first.

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