Kraft Heinz said in a letter to wholesalers that it’s raising the price of several food items. Which of these is NOT a product whose retail price is expected to jump?

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The company’s letter mentioned nearly a dozen food items, but didn’t threaten a price hike on frozen fake whipped cream.

Stopping at a D.C. gift shop, Joe Biden bought an item with a drawing of Kamala Harris on it — and it’s already sold out. What did the president buy on his unscheduled stop?

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The mug includes a red-lettered message about Harris, America’s first African-American vice president: “FIRST, BUT NOT THE LAST.”

Talk of another Donald Trump campaign reignited after video footage showed the former U.S. president describing himself in an unusual way. What did Trump call Trump?

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In an Instagram video shared by Yeshiva World News, a narrator on the golf course says Trump is the “45th president.” He responds: “45th and 47th.”

McDonald’s is selling a collection of four “menu hacks” for a limited time. Which of the following is one of them?

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“Land, Air & Sea” is a Big Mac, a McChicken and a Filet-O-Fish, all in one sandwich. Another hack is a double cheeseburger with a layer of McNuggets.

A 19-year-old computer security researcher discovered a software flaw that allowed him to hack into a high-tech consumer product anywhere in the world. What’s vulnerable?

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David Colombo said he hacked into 25 Teslas all around the world, unlocking doors and windows, starting keyless driving and seeing each car’s location.

China’s Olympic Committee said it will kick off the Winter Games next week without a special something. What will athletes have to do without?

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The Beijing games will rely on 100 percent man-made snow. More than 350 snow guns and snowlances will use up 49 million gallons of reservoir water.

A retirement announced by a Supreme Court justice will give President Biden a chance to put his mark on the high court. Which justice is stepping down?

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Biden has promised to appoint an African-American woman to the court. Washington, D.C. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is one possible pick.

The Duncan Hines company announced a partnership with an entertainment icon, featuring her Southern cake mix and frosting recipes. Who’s making dessert?

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Dolly Parton’s collection quickly sold out, but Duncan Hines is making more.

Teacher shortages caused by the omicron coronavirus variant have made it difficult to keep schools open in New Mexico. What native of the state has offered to step in and teach?

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New Mexico’s governor has no teaching experience, but she volunteered to be a licensed volunteer substitute teacher, and has already logged classroom hours.

Joe Biden warned Viadimir Putin that if Russia invades Ukraine, a project that's important to the Kremlin could stop dead in its tracks. What’s the president’s bargaining chip?

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Biden is threatening to bring the Baltic Sea “Nord Stream 2” pipeline back to a standstill. Russia plans to use the pipeline to deliver gas to Europe.

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