Sarah Palin’s libel lawsuit against The New York Times ended on Friday. What was the result?

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The judge said he dismissed the case because Palin failed to prove intentional harm, but jurors will continue deliberating anyway — because the result will help appeals judges.

More than half of Super Bowls have ended with a quarterback winning the Most Valuable Player award, but not this year. What position does the MVP of Super Bowl LVI play?

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Los Angeles wide receiver Cooper Kupp earned the honor by converting a key fourth down and catching the touchdown pass that put the Rams ahead for good.

The White House Correspondents’ Association has announced that its annual gala will return this year after two COVID-19 cancellations. Which entertainer will be the keynote speaker?

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“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah will perform for Washington journalists and politicians in an event traditionally known as “Nerdprom.”

A panel of sports judges ruled that a Russian figure skater who failed a drug test can still compete in the Olympics, but she won’t be allowed to participate in one part of the experience. What is it?

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There will be no medal ceremony for any event where 15-year-old Kamila Valieva wins a medal.

The U.S. government has temporarily suspended all Mexican imports of a specific product. What can’t cross the border anymore?

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All imports of Mexican avocados have been put on hold after someone threatened an American plant safety inspector about 240 miles west of Mexico City.

An Instagram post from a headline-grabbing celebrity suggested that he’s at war with his estranged wife. Who’s antagonizing the mother of his four children?

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Kanye West’s post is a photoshopped version of a “Captain America: Civil War” movie poster, with celebrities’ faces lined up on either side to support him and Kim Kardashian.

Joe Biden has indicated he will soon start interviewing candidates for a crucial position. Which vacancy is the president planning to fill?

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Biden told Senate Democrats that he wants to nominate a replacement this month for the retiring Supreme Court justice Stephen Breyer.

National Basketball Association star LeBron James broke an historic record held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar since his 1989 retirement. In what category is James the new career king?

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James, a Los Angeles Laker, passed Abdul-Jabbar in combined regular-season and playoff points. His total stands at 36,526.

A ransomware gang claims it stole financial data from a type of company that had never been targeted before. What kind of organization saw its data stolen?

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Some documents stolen from the San Francisco 49ers have shown up on a “dark web” server, but it’s not clear how much data the cyber criminals took.

A former elected official who seldom appears in public delivered a speech at a global forum in South Korea. Which politician came up for air?

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Donald Trump criticized the Biden administration’s handling of North Korea in a video screened at the event; Pence, his former vice president, spoke in person.

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