Sofia Jirau’s place in a Victoria’s Secret campaign marks the first time the retailer has hired a model with a specific health condition. What makes the Puerto Rican model unusual?

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Jirau, 24, celebrated her milestone on Valentine's Day as Victoria’s Secret launched a line of underwear called “Love Cloud.”

The U.S. men’s hockey team was knocked out of the Winter Olympics in the quarterfinal round. Which country’s players beat them?

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The U.S. men’s hockey team blew a lead in the final minute of regulation and lost in a shootout against Slovakia.

An Edmunds car price survey found used vehicles are commanding higher amounts. Which of the following three-year-old cars increased the most in price during the last year?

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It costs 69% more to buy a three-year-old Caravan than it did a year ago. The top four are listed in order. Covid-related production slowdowns and supply chain issues are driving the spikes.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his Hollywood actress fiancée called off their engagement this week. Which actress was Rodgers planning to wed?

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Rodgers and Woodley are politically polar opposites; She was arrested for protesting at an oil pipeline site, and he has refused the COVID-19 vaccine.

A beverage brand announced that it will spend $10 million to sponsor every female NASCAR driver during the next three seasons. Which brand is spending the money?

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Busch Light, an Anheuser-Busch brand, will sponsor every female driver over age 21 through its “Accelerate Her” program.

President Joe Biden waived executive privilege and released some Trump White House documents to the January 6 committee in Congress. What paperwork did Biden hand over?

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Visitor logs will give the committee the ability to see who entered the White House complex on the day of the riot, and who they were scheduled to see..

Researchers in Australia have found bones in the stomach of an ancient fossilized crocodile. What kind of animal did the bones belong to?

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Neutron imaging scans showed the crocodile lived 93 million years ago and had a juvenile dinosaur for its last meal.

Which European country will host a summit Thursday about the fight against Islamic extremists in West Africa?

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France plans to withdraw its troops from Mali, a move that could give a new foothold to Islamic extremists and even Russian mercenaries.

Duke’s men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski didn’t return to the bench for the second half of a game against Wake Forest. Why didn’t he coach from the sidelines?

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Krzyzewski, 75, felt dizzy and required medical attention. Assistant coach Jon Scheyer told reporters that he will be fine.

A Mexican national with two wives — one in Mexico and another in Russia — pleaded guilty to spying against the U.S. for Russian intelligence. What is his profession?

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Héctor Alejandro Cabrera-Fuentes admitted working with Russian agents to spy on a U.S. government informant. He will be sentenced in May.

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