Who is behind a new Twitter like-social media platform recently launched on the Apple App Store?

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Many trying to join Donald Trump's Truth Social got an error message, while others were placed on a waiting list due to “massive demand.”

Things got rowdy at the end of a men’s basketball game between the University of Michigan and Wisconsin. Who threw a punch at one of Wisconsin's assistant coaches?

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Michigan head coach Juwan Howard appeared to throw a punch at a Wisconsin assistant coach after arguing with and refusing to shake the hand of Wisconsin's head coach Greg Gard.

The Department of Justice has hired its first director of a new enforcement team. What does this new team focus on?

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The director of the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team, Eun Young Choi, will work to combat any illicit abuse related to the use of both crypto and digital assets.

This past weekend featured the NBA All-Star Game, which showcases the top NBA players. Which NBA player won the MVP at this exhibition?

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Stephen Curry earned himself the honor after hitting 16 3-pointers and scoring 50 points.

The Australian Defense Department claims a navy ship fired a laser at one of its surveillance aircraft. Which country did Australia accuse of putting the lives of their crew in danger?

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The defense department called the incident is “a serious safety incident” and that they “strongly condemn unprofessional and unsafe military conduct.”

Which movie earned itself the no. 1 spot in the North American box office over the weekend?

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The video-game adaption movie “Uncharted” stars Tom Holland and Mark Walberg — The film earned an estimated $44.2 million from this past Friday to Sunday.

The National Weather Agency has reported that 91% of a country is enduring “severe” or “extreme” drought conditions. Which country is currently dealing with the drought?

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In Portugal, the average rainfall for Feb. 1-15 was only 7% of the average over a 30-year period —and to make matters worse, no significant rainfall is expected for the rest of this month.

Officials in Germany have condemned protests that have blocked busy roads. What are the protests about?

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Bavaria's top state security official said such blockades—such as by the group demanding an end to food waste—aren’t covered by freedom of assembly.

A new fleet of unmanned drones are planned to be launched in the Midwest. Which branch of the military plans to release these drones?

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The 100 drones will allow the U.S. Navy to keep a close eye on the waters in the Midwest that deal with a giant flow of global oil and shipping.

A state senator has been called for a criminal investigation after taking pictures of a female legislative aide without her knowledge. Which state does this senator represent?

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Nebraska Sen. Mike Groene said he did take photos of the staffer, but he described them as “harmless” and denied that any of them were sexual in nature.

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