A few months ago, a federal judge ordered the end of singer Britney Spears 13-year conservatorship. Reports reveal that Spears is sharing her story with what medium?

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Spears new memoir is alleged to be worth as much as $15 million.

A European country has taken steps to halt the process of the natural gas pipeline from Russia? Which country has suspended the Russian pipeline?

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Germany’s rebellion came in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin's recognition of the independence of two breakaway regions in Ukraine—the decision being called necessary in order to “send a clear signal to Moscow that such actions won't remain without consequences.”

A federal jury has voted on the three men involved in the hate crime case against Ahmaud Arbery. What was the verdict for all three individuals?

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Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael and William "Roddie" Bryan were found guilty on three counts in the Ahmaud Arbery case.

In a landmark agreement, women playing this sport will now get equal pay to what the men get. Which sport has made this historic equal pay lawsuit?

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U.S. women soccer players ended a six-year legal battle after finally being promised $24 million plus bonuses to match the men’s.

A stretch of Southern California beach was recently shut down to swimmers and surfers. What caused the beach to shut down?

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Authorities reported that 50,000 gallons of raw sewage were spilled into nearby waters after a blocked sewer line at a Newport Bay restaurant started the leak.

Actress and TV personality Sherri Shepherd is getting her own talk show. Who’s talk show is “Sherri” going to replace?

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“The Wendy Williams Show,” which was released back in 2008, is being canceled while Williams has been on medical leave because of an autoimmune disorder.

After 25-years on air, a long-running animated children's TV series has come to an end. Which show is it?

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The last episode of “Arthur”—which first aired back in 1996—featured Arthur and his friends all grown up.

The NFL created a partnership with another football league that focuses on protecting players’ health. Which football league has the NFL reached this agreement with?

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The NFL and XFL have teamed up to innovate the game and protect the health of players. The deal will not include player sharing between the two football leagues.

AT&T has plans to get rid of a service they’ve provided since 2002. What is the wireless network getting rid of?

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AT&T is shutting down its 3G network—making it, so some older smartphones and other devices will no longer work.

Who has Chinese officials charged with insulting soldiers who froze to death during a battle in the Korean War?

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The popular blogger was arrested after referring to Chinese soldiers known as the “Ice Sculpture Company” as the “Sand Sculpture Company,” or “Stupid Company.”

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