A country has accused the U.S. of creating “fear and panic" over the crisis in Ukraine. Which country made the accusation?

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China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson said the U.S. was fueling tensions by providing defensive weapons to Ukraine.

The Biden administration announced it would set aside $450 million from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law towards accomplishing one goal this year. What is that goal?

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As a means to unclog ports, individual ports will be able to apply for money from the government to construct new piers and create rail yards to move their goods.

The third-ranked men’s tennis player Alexander Zverev ended up being thrown out of the Mexican Open. What did Zverev do to get tossed out of the tournament?

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After he and his partner lost a match, Zverev smashed his racket on the umpire’s chair four times and yelled at the umpire that he “destroyed the whole (expletive) match.”

Which African country is facing another storm while still recovering from the destruction of a different tropical storm just weeks ago?

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Cyclone Emnati ripped roofs off houses as it hit the southeastern coast of Madagascar early this Wednesday.

A cargo ship that subsided after a week of being on fire is still floating in the Atlantic Ocean. What was this ship carrying?

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Officials are still unsure when a crew will reach the boat filled with luxury cars.

820 thousand doses of COVID-19 vaccines are being returned after the country that received them found out they were made in the U.S. Which country made the return?

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Back in 2020, Iran’s Supreme Leader said American or British vaccines are “forbidden.”

Pro golfer Phil Mickelson is facing backlash for calling a group of people “scary… to get involved with”. Who was Mickelson referring to?

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Mickelson has now apologized for his comments about working with the Saudis on a new golf league.

The Academy Awards have come up with a way to try to engage more TV viewers during next month’s Oscar ceremony. What change is being made?

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Eight Oscars will be presented off-air in a way to try to slim down the lengthy award ceremony.

Ford has recalled 330k vehicles in order to fix a rear camera problem. What type of car does the recall involve?

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The recall, which is due to problems in the rear view camera wiring, involves Mustangs from the 2015 to 2017 model years.

Which philanthropist has donated $50M to support USDA youth programs?

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MacKenzie Scott, novelist, philanthropist and former ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, quietly gave the generous donation to the National 4-H Council.

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