NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said something has been “shattered” in Europe after Russia invaded Ukraine. What did Stoltenberg say has been “shattered”?

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Stoltenberg said, “Peace on our continent has been shattered" and called Russia “is using force to try to rewrite history.”

A country's parliament and many government and banking websites have been hit with more cyberattacks. Which country is experiencing the attacks?

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Ukraine has not yet named who they believe is responsible for this new wave of distributed-denial-of-service attacks.

Another person has launched a new libel lawsuit against British tabloids. Who is going at these British news companies?

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Prince Harry filed a libel claim against Associated Newspapers, alleging the company of phone hacking.

During two weeks in March, a city will ban the sale and consumption of alcohol after 2 a.m. to curb heavy late-night drinking with spring breakers. Which city voted to limit alcohol during this time?

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​​The two-week alcohol ban in Miami Beach will be in effect between March 7 and March 21 along the city's South Beach area.

The head of the U.N. food agency has warned that 13 million citizens in a country are headed for starvation. Who faces this threat?

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13 million Yemenis are facing starvation due to civil conflict and a lack of funding for humanitarian aid.

The International Energy Agency has now said that the amount of a certain type of emission is more than governments claim. What type of emissions is the agency referring to?

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The agency said its own analysis shows methane emissions are 70% higher than what governments worldwide have claimed.

In a new study, scientists believe they have figured out what time of year the asteroid wiped dinosaurs off the Earth. What time of year do they claim this happened?

Mark Wilson/Newsmakers
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In the peer-reviewed journal, Nature, the findings found seasonal growth on bones, and the amount of plankton reveals that the deadly day happened in the springtime.

Over 1.7M Hondas are being investigated over complaints in some newer vehicles. What are U.S. auto safety regulators investigating with these cars?

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it’s had 278 complaints that the automatic emergency braking systems have been said to stop the vehicles for no reason.

After Russia has attacked Ukraine, what type of sports competition has been moved from taking place in St. Petersburg in May?

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UEFA’s Champions League final will no longer take place in Russia—the committee is meeting at the end of this week to discuss a new location.

A reality TV show on A&E has been abruptly canceled due to low ratings and online backlash. What did the show encompass?

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“Adults Adopting Adults,” which only aired three out of its 10 expected episodes, involved adults adopting other adults—the same idea as they would with children.

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