According to a new report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, what declined in the U.S. during the first half of 2021?

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In the month of January alone, the CDC saw a 9% decrease of 304,000 babies born in January 2020 to 277,000 last year.

President Biden plans to launch an ambitious and significant overhaul on a certain type of care facility. What is the overhaul for?

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Biden’s nursing home overhaul includes upping the quality, requiring minimum staffing levels, and increasing inspections.

Which country’s prime minister has tested positive for COVID-19?

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison expressed he is “experiencing flu-like symptoms and will be recovering over the next week” while he works from home.

Along with BP, another major oil company is ditching its stake in the Russian oil and gas sector over the invasion of Ukraine. What oil company followed BP with this move?

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Shell is leaving its joint ventures with Gazprom, and BP is leaving its $14 billion stake in Russian oil giant Rosneft.

Which MLB team recently had their CEO abruptly step down?

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Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter was the Marlins CEO for the past five years.

The granddaughter of a famous singer auditioned for season 20 of “American Idol.” Who’s granddaughter did the audition?

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15-year-old Grace Franklin, granddaughter of the late Aretha Franklin, did not make it past the first round of auditions, even with judge Katy Perry fighting for her.

A sports organization is allowing Russia to participate in games, however, the Russian flag, anthem and name have been banned. What sports organization is still allowing Russian athletes to play?

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Unlike many other sports governing bodies, FIFA is letting Russia play in upcoming games.

An “extreme” storm has brought the threat of flooding and avalanches to the United States Pacific Northwest. What type of storm is hitting this area?

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An atmospheric river is a “narrow corridor or filament of concentrated moisture in the atmosphere” and will bring high amounts of rainfall to the area this week.

Which movie’s release is being halted in Russia?

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Warner Bros. is delaying the release of “The Batman” merely days before it was supposed to open in theaters.

The CEO of a major foreign tech giant has stepped down. Which company is getting a new CEO?

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Toshiba’s Satoshi Tsunakawa is stepping down as the Japanese company continues to work on restoring its reputation.

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